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KG Ranch - 2009 Annual Production Sale

  • Dec 04, 2009 (Fri)
KG Ranch - 2009 Annual Production Sale

Sale Summary 2009

December 2009

The bulls that topped the '09 Sale went on to make large contributions for their new owners as well as KG Ranch.

KG Retail Value has sired high-selling sire groups for Leadore Angus. We have used this sire at KG and will have an exciting group of bulls for our 2014 Sale.

KG Focal Point sired the third and fourth high selling bulls in our 2013 Sale. His sons were very well accepted.

KG Contrast, purchased by Rice Ranches, has provided many top sellers in their annual bull sale.


Top Selling Bulls

  • KG Retail Value 8248

    KG Retail Value 8248

    Reg. #16228026
    Buyer: Leadore Angus (Leadore, ID)

  • KG Focal Point 8100

    KG Focal Point 8100

    Reg. #16227166
    Buyer: Bar Thirty Three Ranch (Blaisdell, ND)
    ABS Global Inc (De Forest, WI)

  • Connealy Contrast
    Pictured: Connealy Contrast (Sire)

    KG Contrast 8475

    Reg. #16222142
    Buyer: Rice Ranches (Harrison, MT)

  • Sitz Alliance 7544
    Pictured: Sitz Alliance 7544 (Sire)

    KG Alliance 8196

    Reg. #16222087
    Buyer: Rice Ranches (Harrison, MT)

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