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Sitz Wisdom 481

Reg. AAA #15636992

Current EPDs:

AAA Member


Owned by:

  • K G Ranch, MT
  • Sitz Angus, MT
  • Accelerated Genetics, WI


  1. Animal: Sitz Wisdom 481 Reg. AAA #15636992
  2. Sire: Connealy Onward #
    1. Paternal Grand Sire: Connealy Lead On #
      1. Paternal Grand Sire's Sire: Connealy Leadtime #
      2. Paternal Grand Sire's Dam: Eligence Plus of Conanga
    2. Paternal Grand Dam: Altune of Conanga 6104
      1. Paternal Grand Dam's Sire: GAR Traveler 1489 #
      2. Paternal Grand Dam's Dam: Avalon 1418 of Conanga 6276
  3. Dam: Sitz Elluna Elite 94P
    1. Maternal Grand Sire: Sitz New Design 349M #
      1. Maternal Grand Sire's Sire: Bon View New Design 1407 #
      2. Maternal Grand Sire's Dam: Sitz Pride 166K
    2. Maternal Grand Dam: Sitz Elluna Elite 163M
      1. Maternal Grand Dam's Sire: OCC Great Plains 943G #
      2. Maternal Grand Dam's Dam: Sitz Elluna Elite 1698

Available for Download:

Sitz Wisdom 481
Sitz Wisdom 481T

Animal: Sitz Wisdom 481T 

Registration: AAA 15636992 

Best Resolution: 6" wide x 4" high, 300dpi

Zipped File Includes: 4-color TIF, B&W TIF, 660px x 440px JPEG 

Updated: Jan. 27, 2014

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